Watch me write
3 sales emails worth $379,643 — right in
front of your eyes

This story-driven "Big Reveal"
email made $134,682

This fun & casual "Free Taste"
email made $53,875

This super simple "Last Chance" email made $191,086 — in just a few hours

For the first time ever, get a behind-the-scenes look at this Power Trio of proven sales emails we use in every product launch.

I used a "Big Reveal" email in our Success Triggers launch and made $82,358 from that one email.

Or in our How to Talk to Anybody launch, where our "Free Taste" email made $28,721 — even though we'd already launched this course many times.

And our "Last Chance" email in a Zero to Launch funnel pulled in $165,803 in just a few hours.

I even used this Power Trio of sales emails in our automated evergreen funnel … where they've helped drive over $5,000,000 in revenue.

Over the past 10 years, I've used these emails to sell everything from a $0.99 Kindle e-book to a $10,000+ advanced course.

I've used these emails across multiple categories, including:



Social Skills






The Power Trio emails can be used in any niche, from business and
productivity to events and beyond

These powerhouse emails allow us to consistently sell products while engaging our readers — and do it all authentically — without resorting to scammy or spammy sales tricks.

And once you see and understand the inner-workings of each of The Power Trio emails, they are fast and easy to write.

Best of all, you can now watch along as I write this Power Trio of sales emails for a launch — and earn $379,643 in just a few days.

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Today, I want to show you exactly how I did it.

Ramit Sethi

Hi, I'm Ramit Sethi, the New York Times best-selling author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich and the founder of IWT and GrowthLab.

We launched a new program called Mental Mastery. That launch pulled in $617,944 in about a week. And it did it off of a funnel without a hard sell, without a webinar, without affiliates, without Facebook ads or any other gimmicks. Just a few casual emails and a sales page.

Here's the funnel:


Three of those emails — The Power Trio — brought in over 60% of all our revenue.

Here's the amazing part: We use this Power Trio of proven sales emails in every launch we run.

These three emails are the heart and foundation of our sales. And every time we sit down to write sales emails, most of the funnel and sales push is mapped out before we even start.

The truth is, when it comes to sales, you don't have to start from scratch. There's no need to do it all yourself. You can lean on what works. Make it your own and add your voice, but don't make your life unnecessarily difficult.

If you don't have our Power Trio of proven, authentic sales emails, you're just causing yourself agony.

If you were an architect, would you relearn how to draw every time? No, you'd have a few fundamentals and models in your back pocket.

If you were a musician, would you invent a new scale for each song? No, you'd know a few chords and basic music theory and focus on the fun part — making music.

The same is true of sales emails and growing your business. You don't need to start from scratch. You can save yourself all that time, hassle, stress, and failure. Why wouldn't you start with The Power Trio of authentic sales emails that are proven?

"It shouldn't be this hard"

I made 2 big mistakes when I first tried to sell online.

The first problem was when I sold a $4.95 e-book. My sales copy was so cowardly, so timid, that I actually told people all the reasons they might NOT want to buy. I think I did a better job convincing people to skip it than to buy.

While it was thrilling to see those first few sales, it was also painful to watch readers unsubscribe — and call me a "sellout."

The second mistake was also bad but in a different way. Years later, I was selling a $497 program on freelancing. This time, I'd gotten more confident about selling. But instead of simply telling people what the product was and why it might be a good fit for them — NOPE! That would be too easy! — I decided to write about all the features … all of them … and go on and on and on and on…

In total: I wrote 5 weeks of sales emails. Over 25 emails AND 15 long, detailed blog posts. I'm starting to sweat just thinking about doing that again.

The good news is, we sold a lot — over $600,000 in sales.

But my team and I were completely wiped out. Exhausted, bleary-eyed, and drained. It took me 6 entire months to get back to full speed.

The first time, I'd sold too softly. Then, next time I'd overcorrected in the opposite direction, writing hundreds of pages and burning myself out (and many of my readers, who unsubscribed).

I was genuinely trying to help my readers, but I started to wonder if I would ever find a happy balance where I could sell effectively, unapologetically, and keep it simple.

The words that kept whispering in the back of my head: "It shouldn't be this hard."

My approach to sales copy, in a nutshell, was this:

Ugh, even looking at that tweet reminds me of sitting down and knowing the next 6 hours were going to be painful. Then going to sleep unhappy, waking up, and doing it all over again … for days (or even weeks) at a time.

But that was all I knew, that writing sales emails was hard, frustrating work.

And worst of all, the results felt random. Sometimes all that effort worked and people bought. Sometimes it didn't, and I'd be left sitting in my apartment, wondering why so few people were interested in the email I had spent hours painstakingly crafting.

"I didn't read the copy. I just clicked the buy button"

Thankfully, writing sales emails is the polar opposite today.

Now when I have some sales emails to write, I sit down and open up a document where most of the blanks are already filled in. I have an outline, I know the key emotional points, and I don't have to fret over features and bullet points.

What's left is the FUN part.

The creativity, the flourishes, the jokes about hot sauce, actually helping my readers — the things that I love doing and am good at.

I don't have to worry about how to sell, if I'm selling too much, or if my emails will sell at all. I know they will.

Instead of starting from scratch each time, I have proven and popular emails I can model — like The Power Trio. I can focus on the few, critical parts of any sales email (more on this later) and use a handful of reliable strategies to make writing them fast and simple.

I can even break up my time. (This one surprised me. Even when I'm writing a monster sales funnel, with guidelines like The Power Trio, I can write a little, take a break, then improve it later. It's not a problem to step away for days or weeks at a time. This is hugely freeing!)

Best of all, I can focus on authentically helping my readers and be confident that the sales will roll in.

Case in point: Our Mental Mastery launch pulled in $617,944 in a week. Most of that revenue came from just three emails — emails that were fast and fun to write and read, and that my followers loved.

To my readers, the emails looked like:

  • An interesting discussion about what makes some people so successful
  • A hilarious story about Judge Judy and a free sample of my new course
  • A quick courtesy reminder so they didn't miss out

Nothing inauthentic. Nothing spammy. No sleazy sales tricks.

But the emails were carefully crafted to be enjoyable AND authentic AND still sell. These emails worked so well that some people didn't even read our sales page!

Or this student:

One reader was so excited by our sales emails that he couldn't believe Mental Mastery was only $297 and not $1,000.

Best of all, when I wrote these emails, I actually finished early and stepped out early for lunch with friends in the middle of a weekday.

You can do this, too.

You can write emails that your readers LOVE — and grow your business. You can do it without doubt and frustration and stress. You can do it without years of practice. Best of all, you can write the kind of emails that your audience looks forward to reading and sharing with friends.

The truth about authentic sales

IWT has been around for 13+ years. During that time, I've written thousands of sales emails. I've also read tens of thousands of sales emails from other businesses, and I've studied every book and course on copywriting and sales that I could get my hands on.

Here's what I realized:

Very few people are genuine masters at selling, especially online via email…

…but almost everyone (except gullible grandmas with their first AOL email) is an expert at sniffing out spammy sales.

Everyone hates spammy sales. Shady lawyers, lying politicians, and sleazy marketers share the same rung in hell.

And yet we LOVE being sold to when the product is good and right for us and the sales are authentic.

When I went to buy a tux for my wedding, I visited 10+ stores. The salesperson I eventually bought from wasn't pushy. He educated me on my different options (and even suggested other brands I should look at). Then he went the extra step and texted me reminders and looks I could pair together. When I went back in, I texted him ahead of time and he had drinks waiting for me in the store. Perfect. A very luxurious approach to sales … but still authentic and effective.

Or think about when your friend recommends a restaurant. One of my friends told me I needed to check out a Thai place in NYC (Somtum Der in the East Village). He doesn't own the place. He's not an investor. He just knew I'd like it — and now it's one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. I loved being "sold" on that restaurant.

When we find someone trustworthy and experienced who is authentically offering something of real value, we can't get enough from them! We actually read more (like you reading this long page right now).

But why is it so hard for us to write authentic sales emails for our own businesses?

Most people suffer from Invisible Scripts about selling — deep-seated beliefs that keep them from being themselves AND growing their business at the same time.

(Most business owners struggle with at least 2 of these scripts … but some have all of them. I struggled with sales for years before I overcame mine.)

5 Invisible Scripts that kill sales (and businesses)


Invisible Script

"I don't want to be a scammy internet marketer. I just don't. I've built up all this goodwill with my audience. They trust me. I don't want them to think, 'oh god, here come the sales again' and unsubscribe."


Invisible Script

"I'm not a natural writer. I'm not sure when to tell a story, when to start selling. How many testimonials should I use? Should this email be short or long? How do you know?"


Invisible Script

"My business is small. I don't have a team. What works for a big team won't work for me because I don't have those resources at my disposal. It's just me. I need something different."


Invisible Script

"My business is different. I sell ____." This is the dreaded Special Snowflake Syndrome: the belief that you, your business, and your brand are unique and no advice will help you unless it's 100% customized to your situation. People with this script rarely buy, so it's no surprise they have trouble convincing others to invest in their products, too.


Invisible Script

"I don't believe in email formulas. They don't work. I tried them but nobody bought! Are people tired of being sold to with that formula or did I do something wrong? How can I make sure my sales emails will be effective? And how can I do it and still sound like me?"

How many of these scripts do you have?

What's your gut-level response to them?

Most business owners who struggle with selling via email never face these Invisible Scripts head-on. Instead they:

  • Google "how to write a sales email" and jump from one vague formula to another, hoping something will click
  • Hire a copywriter and pray they're better (an expensive bet that rarely pays off)
  • Just keep thrashing in the dark, watching their business slow down … and then start to dry up

Don't do this.

There is a better way to learn how to write authentic sales emails. You won't find it in a random Google search, in a "sales email template," or via some junior copywriter.

Yes, you could learn it yourself if you put in the time and effort. (I figured how to do it after 10+ years of trial and error, hundreds of thousands of unsubscribes, learning everything the hard way, studying and using every training I could find — not to mention millions of dollars in testing.)

But you can skip all that hard work and heartache by following a few simple but usually missed steps:

  1. Find someone who has years of experience writing authentic sales emails. Not one or two good emails but thousands that have built a major business with an incredible reputation.
  2. Find someone you trust who has written authentic sales emails in multiple styles and across multiple categories. For low and high price points and a variety of product types. (No one-hit wonders.)
  3. And most important, focus on the stuff that truly matters. (Your order form button color doesn't matter, but how authentic — or spammy — your sales copy is will make or break your business.)

This is why we focus on The Power Trio emails — they are proven, reliable, versatile, and authentic — readers love these emails and we don't have to worry about selling too hard, too soft or hearing crickets.

In just our Mental Mastery launch, these three emails pulled in $379,643. But we use these emails in all of our launches. Altogether, The Power Trio emails have been worth millions.

This approach I'm excited to share with you today.


RSE logo

Watch me write 3 sales emails — The Power Trio — that generated $379,643.

And learn how to boost your email funnels with authentic selling

Behind the Sales Email gives you a behind-the-scenes look at The Power Trio of proven, authentic sales emails we use in every product launch.

This isn't a bloated, fluffy lecture about copywriting. It's a focused, personal demonstration of how I write three of the most effective sales emails in our toolset.

The Big Reveal

Effortlessly introduce your product so people are itching to learn more

The Free Taste

Grab the attention of your readers and get them to try your product

The Last Chance

Move people to buy — without sounding pushy or salesy

The Behind the Sales Email course includes 4 videos that SHOW you exactly how we create this Power Trio of authentic sales emails. Follow along, step by step, as we write, edit, and perfect real sales emails that pulled in $379,643.

This is not a PDF on sales tips. It's not a "paint-by-numbers" template. You can find that anywhere.

We wanted to go deeper and let you shadow us through the entire sales email process. Imagine how much you will learn by watching me create 6-figure sales emails — right in front of you.

You'll get our Power Trio of emails, and you'll get to watch me create them, with real copy that was used in a successful launch.

Video 1

The Big Reveal:
How to write an engaging sales email

What you'll learn

  • The fast way to outline a sales email (we start every email this way)
  • How should you edit an email — even if you're the one who wrote it?
  • Improve the opening of any email with the Telepathy Technique
  • Why Side Note Syndrome will kill your emails and how to avoid it
  • See the hidden framework behind a smooth and compelling product introduction

Video 2

The Transition:
How to go from engagement to sales without sounding awkward

What you'll learn

  • How to know the right moment to start selling — and when to stop
  • Which parts of your sales emails can you pull verbatim from your sales pages?
  • Multiple proven ways to transition between sections of an email
  • The 5-second test that protects you from ever sending inauthentic or awkward copy
  • The final section we add to every sales email

Video 3

The Free Taste:
How to use a "Story Bank" to write more intriguing sales emails


What you'll learn

  • The email "sin" that's much worse than coming off as salesy or scammy
  • When and how to get meta
  • What is the #1 thing all readers want? (Without this, you won't sell anything)
  • How to create a "Story Bank" that will cut 90% of the work out of your sales emails
  • How to pick the best story for any email

Video 4

The Last Chance Email:
How to get readers to buy now without sounding pushy


What you'll learn

  • How much revenue a strong Last Chance email can bring in
  • How you can crack people's default behavior — procrastination
  • How can you sell — directly — and still be friendly and authentic?
  • What is the best sequence for a smooth, powerful sales email?
  • What it really means to sound authentic (and the extra step we take to guarantee all of our emails hit this mark)
  • The "Us vs Them" Technique and the critical moment to use it

Q & A

There are lots of books about sales. What's different about Behind the Sales Email?

I’m a big fan of lots of books and courses on copywriting. But after studying hundreds of books and courses — and writing millions of dollars worth of sales emails — I wanted to show you the actual process of writing an authentic sales email.

There are many things you’ll learn in Behind the Sales Email that no book could ever teach you:

  • Watch exactly how I write copy, including where I spend my time. It’s the difference between reading a recipe book and watching a chef cook it on video. You see what it should really look like when it’s done right.
  • What's the difference between selling authentically and being spammy? How do you know when to start selling … and when to stop? How do you blend sales and stories? You can never learn this from a book. But you’ll see it in this course, which will save you hours on your next batch of sales emails.
  • We also include lots of subtle techniques — writing techniques, structural secrets we’ve learned, and psychological insights we’ve pioneered — all in Behind the Sales Email.

What's the difference between Behind the Sales Email and other GrowthLab products?

In short, Behind the Sales Email is surgically focused on how to write authentic sales emails.

We offer several courses that help you improve different aspects of your copy. Behind the Sales Page is a focused, behind-the-scenes look at how we write sales pages. Call to Action is a comprehensive copywriting course that teaches you everything from customer research, copywriting mindsets, writing blog posts, emails, opt-in offers, and more.

All of these courses are designed to complement each other and can be taken in any order.

What if I don't sell products? Does this course work for service businesses? Or memberships?

Yes! The sales emails we profile in this course are for an information product like a video course or book, but the principles in Behind the Sales Email can be applied to products, services, memberships, SaaS — any copy where you're trying to sell.

What if I'm not a writer? What if I've never sold anything before?

You don't need to be an amazing copywriter to write authentic sales emails. The magic is in the process. If you can write an email or a blog post, you can sell.

How do I know if I need this course?

Have you run into any of the following challenges when writing sales emails:

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I get the reader to really want my product?
  • How can I make my offer without sounding salesy?
  • What goes in each email?
  • How do I transition to selling without sounding awkward?
  • How do I know if what I’ve written is actually good?
  • How can my sales email be effective while still being honest and authentic?

If so, Behind the Sales Email will help you.

What if I can't tell if my emails are good or not? Will this help?

Yes! A key piece of Behind the Sales Email is an insider's look at how I evaluate sales emails … including the steps I take to improve any emails that aren't yet ready to publish. This is one of the reasons why WATCHING me create these sales emails is so powerful.

How long does this course take?

You have access to the entire course as soon as you enroll, but you can go at your own pace. To go through the course material and complete all of the exercises, expect to spend roughly 3-4 hours total.

Behind The Sales Email is for you if…

  • You're ready and willing to put in the time to apply the lessons in this course to your business
  • You have a product or service to sell, you've tried writing sales emails on your own, but you're not satisfied with your results
  • You're ready to go beyond cookie-cutter templates and scammy sales hacks
  • You want to learn how to sell authentically — from someone who has written thousands of sales emails and whose writing you trust and enjoy
  • You're in it for the long-haul: that means working smarter — and harder — to build your business and grow your audience

If you're ready, I can show you how to write authentic sales emails you can use for your business — again and again.

An UNBEATABLE guarantee: Try Behind the Sales Email for a full 60 days, 100% risk-free

We've packed a lot into Behind the Sales Email, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 60 days to let it digest, integrate it into your business, and make sure this is really working for you.

Try the entire course. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even eat the credit card processing fees.

It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself. If our Power Trio of authentic sales emails don't help you improve your sales emails within 60 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises, and I'll give you all your money back.

This guarantee lasts 60 days, which completely covers the course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it's right for you.

Bottom line: Behind the Sales Email will show you how to create authentic sales emails for your business. And it's 100% risk-free.


Get our Power Trio of proven, authentic sales emails

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This is what authentic sales looks like

Way back in 2015, I launched a popular course called Success Triggers. In that funnel, I used many of the strategies you'll learn in Behind the Sales Email. It was a 6-figure launch, and my inbox was flooded with positive emails from our readers.

My favorite response, however, didn't come until three years later…

This student not only purchased the product, he loved the sales email so much that he saved it for inspiration … AND remembered it years later!

(And this wasn't an unusual sales email. It was our straightforward "Last Chance" sales email, part of The Power Trio of emails you'll learn in Behind the Sales Email.)

The fact is, your sales emails will make or break your business.

If you don't know how to write a great sales email, you'll sell too hard and turn off your readers. Or you'll not sell hard enough and your business will stagnate, wither, and slowly dry up.

But if you do learn how to write a great, authentic sales email, you'll be able to delight your audience AND grow your business at the same time.

Having even one reliable sales email in your back pocket can save your next launch.

Having two reliable sales emails is enough to build an entire business upon.

Having our whole Power Trio of authentic sales emails can change your business — and life.

You don't need to use sleazy sales tricks or be a natural salesperson. Anyone can write authentic, money-making emails once you understand the behind-the-scenes work that goes into one.

Are you ready to stop guessing and start writing authentic sales emails?


Get our Power Trio of proven, authentic sales emails

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12 monthly installments

Join the course

Best value



one-time payment

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If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us. We're happy to help: 1-888-933-2761 /


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